DroidBOX and Remotr partnership


We are excited to announce you today a new partnership between Remotr and DroidBOX.

It will bring the cutting-edge game streaming software provided by Remotr to Android and Windows set-top devices alike.

All new DroidBOX compatible devices will have Remotr app pre-installed - giving DroidBOX customers ability to stream and play their PC video games everywhere.  

If you already own a DroidBOX, you’ll get a firmware update (for OTA compatible models) transforming your DroidBOX into a gaming powerhouse, as with Remotr you can access your PC games remotely and play them on whatever display you have your DroidBOX connected to.

Remotr app is also available on the DroidBOX Market and Microsoft’s Windows Store.

DroidBOX is a company based in UK - providing customers from all over the world with Android and Windows devices packed-up with vast array of video streaming apps and services since 2013.

Remotr was founded in October 2014, when the three founders – Avi Kaye, Rafal Krochmal, and Radek Zawartko - had the idea of bridging the gap between PC games and other platforms, such as mobile and TV.  

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