Forza Horizon 3 - The Great Australian Tour

G'day mate!

Forza Horizon 3 - the latest open-world spin-off to popular car racing series is set entirely Down Under (to be more specific eastern Australia - including Surfers Paradise and Byron Bay). And man, it looks gorgeous!

If you are not familiar with Horizon formula - you are a part of fictitious Horizon Festival, a celebration of fast cars and good music - but this time around you are the boss! Your aim is to make the festival more popular by winning races, participating in PR stunts, bucket lists, and showcase events.

The Forza series are known for their ultra-realistic environments and Forza Horizon 3 is no exception - the game does pretty good job at being as authentic as can get. Art Director Benjamin Penrose mentioned that all the voice acting in Horizon 3 featured 'genuine Aussies' as well.

The game will use the ForzaTech engine and will feature over 350 vehicles including the new poster-boy - Lamborghini Centenario. Ok, we got gorgeous sceneries and realistic looking cars - but this is only a part of why Forza is getting such a positive reviews. The most important thing is that Playground Games found the perfect balance between making the game fun to play and challenging for hardcore players.

With the introduction of Horizon Blueprints mode, you can customize the events on your festival with settings like race route, weather conditions, selectable cars and much more - then you can share your blueprints with your friends and community. 

Tha cars are also highly customizable - from adjustable camber to engine swapping and custom license plates.


I mentioned the festival setting of the game - So what about the music, you may ask. We have huge selection of in-game radio stations to choose from - but the coolest feature is the introduction of Microsoft Grove streaming service that lets you create your own radio station using your music. It's more than just playing your own music in the background - it will be used as a part of festival events - with all cool processing making it sound like being played on big stage etc.

And when we are talking about streaming - since the game will be released on PC yo will be able to play it everywhere - thanks to Remotr.
The coolest part about playing racing games on mobile is the accelerometer - you can control the game with tilting the device.

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