Fractured Space - Strategy and Skill in Space

Fractured Space is a very unique online game - and it just left Early Access recently. After spending a little over two years in a tasting phase it finally launched in a deep space - with ambitions of breathing new life into somewhat stale MOBA genre.

In Fractured Space you play as a captain of giant space ship (to give you an idea check out the scale below) - each ship is specialised in a fashion known from your standard MOBAs - we have supports (with “healing beams” that can repair damaged teammates), slow heavy-hitters, agile stealth-fighters and snipers.

The pace of fights is relatively slower than your standard space ship based game - this leaves place for more strategic approach - but you also feels that it's a lumbering-collos of a ship that you are commanding. The slower gameplay is something that’s very appealing for me - it takes away the overwhelming sense of chaos that someone new to MOBAs may experience when first playing new game.

The arena you are playing on is also quite simple when compared to jungle-lanes-bases-objectives setup of your generic MOBA. Two main modes are called Conquest and Frontline - the first one, as we read on official site:

(...)two teams do battle across two sectors of space, Alpha and Beta, to capture mining stations. Each team has a forward base in each sector, and once this is captured a jump can be made to the home base – which must be captured to win the game. (...)

There is also something called Gamma sector - think a periodically active objective - whoever capture it while it’s active gets massive advantage.

Frontline is a much faster mode - only one sector and witch Sudden Death mode that activates after 12 minutes - you get the idea.

The movement brings in mind the naval combat games like World of Warships - but since it’s a space game you can also go in vertical axis - this opens up whole lotta of new strategies.

Wondering about visuals? Here’s a official launch trailer to give you an idea how epic the battles are:

If you are like me, and always loved the idea of commanding huge spaceship (man, I spent hours playing Artemis with my crew) go grab Fractured Space now - it’s free to play on Steam this weekend.

To be honest I feel I'll be playing it for next few days non-stop - and when I stop sucking at it I may as well record a video of Fractured Space being played on mobiles via Remotr - it seems like a perfect MOBA for your smartphone - especially the Frontline mode.

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