Remotr's FREE gaming Festival announcement!

The clouds are gathering and you can hear a distant sound of something EPIC about to happen.

Remotr's FREE gaming Festival is beginning this Friday (18th of November 2016)

From smashing Steam hits like DOTA 2 or Paladins to obscure indie games made in 24h during indie game-creating-jams - in our Festival we'll be covering best, wired and plain ol' fun free PC games you can play on PC and on mobile (thanks to Remotr).

Every two days you'll be getting brand new gameplay footage of games that you can download and play for free!
Along with sweet videos we'll provide you with tips like controller layout and network settings for playing said games on your mobile using Remotr.

We have also something very special prepared for upcoming Black Friday - so stay tuned - bookmark our blog - look for the CLUES - and take a part in our Festival to end this bumpy-ride of a year 2016 with something cool and positive :)

If you have a game you want us to cover comment down below - or catch us on our Facebook fanpage or Twitter <you_may_find_a_hint_or_two_there>

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