Excuse me, there's an AI in my phone!

We got the rumors, we got the leaks but now it's official - Google’s new phones, the Pixel is available for pre-order today starting at $649 in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany and Australia

Pixel may be the first phone from Google that drops the Nexus brand - but it still sports the purest, unbranded version of Android we know from it’s predecessors - and, like with the Nexus series, Pixel will be first in line at getting Android updates in future.

From hardware standpoint it is said to be evenly matched with iPhone 7 - sure, we can point that Pixel have headphones jack - but the software is where it’s getting really interesting. That’s right, what separates the two Pixel phones from all the other guys is the software.

AI powered Google Assistant is especially impressive:

The premise is great - it's like Google is saying "Hello, the future is here!". An actual AI in our phones, helping out with dayly tasks - big and small. Wait - isn't it what Apple promisted back in 2011?

I'll be honest - I belive in Google with this one. They spend milions on deep learning, voice recognition and image analysis (creating some wired monstrosities in progress)
And man, I just can’t wait to shout at the AI inside my phone “OK Google, start up Remotr and let’s play some friggin PC games!”

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