GTA V Redux is here!

GTA V is a never ending source of joy. Whether it’s adding fire breathing dragons into the mix, joining the LSPD to hunt down the bad guys, or just going on a rampage as the Incredible Hulk, modders have made sure that we can do pretty much any damn thing that we want to in San Andreas.

GTA V Hulk mode

So get ready for more exciting news - GTA V Redux, one of the most extensive overhauls in textures and effects that San Andreas has over gone, has come out, and can be downloaded from their website.

GTA V Redux screenshot

If you haven’t seen the absolutely stunning game play video, you can watch it right here

The other major addition to the GTA world that Rockstar have finally announced is the upcoming Bikers addition. They have been teasing the idea that players can form biker gangs of up to 8 members for some time now - so now you can start thinking of names for your Biker Gang (we call dibs on The Dragon Pirates).

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