How to play World of Tanks on Android

Playing World of tanks on Android is easy!

World of tanks is a team-based online multiplayer game where each player controls an armored tank, tank destroyer or self propelled gun. At the moment there are more than 150 armored vehicles to choose from! 
Players in World of tanks can choose up to six types of battle modes: random, team-training, tank-company, team battles, stronghold battles and special battles. When the battle mode is chosen, the vehicle of their choice is placed on a random map where they control movement and firing. 
Teamwork is the key to winning a match in World of Tanks. And while players try to win the match it’s easy to discuss the strategy with other members of their team during combat, players can chat with each other and give tactical instructions. Like most other online combat games besides a text chat, players can also communicate by voice chatting. 
Players can also participate in groups of two or three players called platoons and can complete mission along the way. Upon completion of those vehicles, credits or experience points. 
Winning a battle can be achieved by destroying all vehicles of the other team or in some game modes by capturing a base present. 
As for several other games World of tanks is very popular in the eSports scene. Professional teams and thousands of casual gamers try to win battles in the various tournaments every week.

Play World of tanks or any other PC game on Android with Remotr

With Remotr you can play World of tanks on your cell phone with very smooth frame rates, customizable controls especially designed for the use on mobile phones, and to display awesome graphics! Transfer Remotr stream World of tanks game from your computer to your cell phone wherever you are. It works with a Wi-Fi connection, but also with a 3G or 4G connection when you are not near a Wifi network.

Benefits of playing World of tanks on your phone

The question is, why should you play World of tanks on your mobile phone? Well, playing the game on your mobile has many benefits over just playing it on your computer:

  • You can play World of tanks on the bus
  • Play World of tanks in school
  • Play World of tanks on your work
  • Play World of tanks while you’re waiting for your dentist appointment.
  • Co-op playing with friends that are in the same room as you are.
  • Play World of tanks on a big screen so everyone can see your war strategy!

Installing Remotr on your mobile device is very simple: first, download the Remotr streamer for your Windows computer from the website of Remotr. After that you can choose to download the Android or iOS version of the client to your mobile phone in the Google Playstore or the Appstore.

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