New controls - play it your way!

That’s right! Today we are talking about on-screen buttons and virtual joysticks.

Let’s dive into the simple-yet-powerful Interface Editing Mode of Remotr. The main advantage of using touchscreen controls is not being bounded to physical buttons placement.


Playing PC games on mobile devices is a whole new experience - with freedom of placing buttons wherever you like you can create unique control schemes for each game you play on Remotr.  

With latest version of Remotr we introduced auto-save/load feature for controls - so once you edit controls for the game they will be automatically loaded whenever you start the game.

No more looking for the preset, or saved layout - all you need is a single tap - you choose the game and you can jump right into the action.

Don’t have idea how to create your controls layout? No worries! We’re here for you! Our team created dozens of presets for popular games.

What if your favorite game don’t have a preset yet? Here’s everything you need to know about creating your own, personalized controls.

Access menu (left upper corner) and tap Edit Controls.

First button is taking you back to the main menu.

Second button is for adding keyboard buttons to your screen.


After adding button you can resize it by pinching and reposition it by dragging.

If you want to delete button drag it over trash bin icon at the bottom.


With this easy two-step method you can add as many buttons as you like and place them anywhere on the screen..

Let’s move to the next option - adding mouse buttons.

After tapping mouse icon you’ll get the list of buttons you can add - resizing and dragging is the same as for keyboard buttons.


Let’s talk d-pad icon and joystick icon together - as they are similar.

Tapping d-pad icon creates widget with arrows/wasd buttons and joystick buttons creates virtual joystick with selected functionality.

image image

Now you know all the buttons and widgets you can place on your screen.

But where to put them? Let’s use some SCIENCE!

From THIS article - we can learn that:

“Users have to hold a device in a way that lets them view its screen, while providing input” Easy enough!

Combine this with “the thumb zone” - the amount of screen you can easily access with your thumb while holding device - and we’re golden!

image image

Try placing your onscreen buttons in the green zones - but remember one thing: HAVE FUN! Experiment with different layouts!


There are many ways of holding devices - some players like to place device on flat surface and play with their thumbs, index and middle fingers - like that:


With Remotr you have unique ability of being Interface designer - create one that works best for you and enjoy playing PC games on mobiles the way you like it.

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