Remotr's FREE gaming Festival - Paladins on Android and iOS

To kick-start our FREE gaming Festival we picked Paladins - champion-based first person shooter, where you compete in teams for in-game objectives - sound familiar?

While released 16 Sep, 2016 Paladins were called - to put it mildly - “very similar to Overwatch”.

How did this affected the popularity of the game? As for today - 3 months after release - Paladins is the 5th most played game on Steam (according to oficial Steam statistics on

Paladins is completely Free-to-Play (mind you that the game is currently in open-beta). Anything that affects gameplay can be unlocked simply by playing, with cosmetic items available for purchase - this is the main reason why the game got so popular, and why it’s first one in our Festival series.

Playing Paladins on mobile with Remotr - tips:

First off - the game needs an account outside of your Steam - so I suggest making one on PC before playing on mobile - because it may be bothersome to go through email verification and multiple websites on smaller screen.

Playing FPS games on mobile is most comfortable if you are using a gamepad - the Steam site states that Paladins have Partial Controller Support - while not compatibile with Xinput, I was able to bind all buttons correctly with Remotr Interface Editor really easily.

Here is a short video of me playing on mobile phone.
Since it was my first time playing I tried FERNANDO in shooting range - he is a Knight with flamethrower (!) and a force-field-sheld.

Download Paladins from Steam - download Remotr from our website and kick some serious arse while on the move!

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