Play like a pro - gamepads for mobiles

Playing PC games on mobiles using touch controls is a whole new experience - but it’s not the only way you can enjoy game streaming services like Remotr.

It doesn’t matter if you are playing CS:GO on a phone or a PC version of Minecraft on a tablet -

If you are looking for an easy way to step up your game or the whole tapping and swiping is just not for you, look no further!

There is a handy selection of gamepads designed for Android and iOS devices - and it’s pretty straightforward to pair them up with your mobile - just follow up the instruction and you’ll be good.

It’s basically the same for every Bluetooth device:

  1. Enable Bluetooth mode on your mobile.
  2. Press the designated button on controller.
  3. Look up the controller on your device’s list and tap it to pair it up.

When choosing a gamepad for your mobile look for a model with a retractable phone mount - it will make playing games that much more comfortable - without needing an additional stand for your phone, or screws to attach the phone clip.

For example, look at this GameSir G4 - you can just fold back the phone mount at the front of controller.

GameSir game pads are also noteworthy because they go together with nifty little app called Happy Chick - which is an emulator of older consoles and classic games.

Or, if you prefer, you can use a PS4 controller to play PC games on you phone and tablet using Remotr.

For the PS4 controller there are two methods.

Hold the Home and Share button on DualShock4 until the light bar begins to flash white (about 3 sec) 

2, Switch your Android device to bluetooth mode and pair up the controller 

Micro USB OTG Adapter
If first one doesn’t work for you you can connect by USB cable.

To do so you’ll need a Micro USB OTG Adapter - it looks like this:

1) Plug your PS4 controller into a USB cable, and the USB cable into the Micro USB OTG Adapter.

2) Plug the Micro USB OTG adaptor into your phone.

3) The PS4 controller should flash that it is connected and functional.

Add a phone mount/clip and you are all set!

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