Playing League of Legends on mobiles

Imagine waiting 5 min for your next League of Legends match. Then 10 minutes, then 20… and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end.

We’ve all been there.


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take your game with you on your phone, and go grab something to eat while you’re waiting? And if the game starts, just start playing on your phone right away?


You must be thinking “There’s no way a phone could handle something like a League client!”


And you are right.

But with Remotr, the PC is doing all the work. The League of Legends game is run off it, and the  video and sound are streamed to your mobile, so you can control the game on your touchscreen.

It’s really easy to setup:

1) Click here to install Remotr on your PC

2) Create an account

3) Install Remotr on your mobile phone

Connect to your PC (don’t forget to log in) and have fun!

It only gets better from here - because it isn’t just League of Legends. You can stream all your PC games, edit touch-controls to create custom control layouts, access your desktop from your mobile, even play co-op games with your friends!

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