Playing No Man’s Sky on Android and iOS

Everyone’s heard about No Man’s Sky already.

(if you haven’t, well, congratulations on finally making it off the desert island you’ve been living on the past year or so. No Man’s Sky is a game where you can explore planets. And galaxies. And aliens. For about 5 billion years. Everything is procedurally generated, meaning that the planets are generated on the fly, not manually designed. This makes it far easier to create a large universe like No Man’s Sky’s did, as opposed to manually developing each planet and star).

From the less than complimentary article on Gizmodo about the PC version to the fact that it is, after all is said and done, the biggest Steam launch this year (so far). And of course, the fact that the game was developed by an Indie development company shows the direction that the entire gaming industry has been taking in the past few years, and how this will change Indie development forever.  

And what’s our take on this? We’re just excited to see that, just like thousands of other games, No Man’s Sky is already being played on mobile devices with Remotr :)

And we’ll leave you with this truly awesome video by LeiluMultipass which shows that, as much as we are having fun blasting around in space and exploring different planets, there’s always room for a Dinobeavbullosaur.

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