Remotr News - You can achieve it!

With newest Remotr update we introduced cool new feature - achievements.

To access your achievements list log in on your account in Remotr mobile app.

Access the menu and tap on Achievements:

You’ll see the list of available achievements, your progress at unlocking them and amount of Remotr coins you can get for each one.

And we have so much more in-store!

Achievements are but a first step at introducing new community-focused features.

I’ll just hint that these coins won't be just for show - and sharing your trophies and achievements with friends always feels great, isn’t it?

On more technical note - this update also improved the stability of stream on weaker networks.

Next batch of improvements in stream quality is in testing and should be up really soon.

Make sure you have your Remotr mobile app for Android and iOS up to date!

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