Shadow Warrior 2 is coming - So who wants some Wang?

The sequel for the successful Shadow Warrior in 2013 (itself a remake of the 1999 3D Realms game by the same name) is due out in October, and unlike other games we could mention, is headed for the PC.

If you’ve never followed a bunny off the cliff to find the burial place of Jackie Chan, seen the same pixelated girl having a bath 20 years later, or fought with demons with a chainsaw combined with a katana, then this should definitely go onto your wishlist.

Basically, Shadow Warrior 2 looks like it’s going to be Doom, but with shotguns and special abilities against demons, in a demonic landscape. So… Doom. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing (as Doom 2016 was awesome), and Shadow Warrior has been known for throwing in it’s own unique twists on the well known run and gun shooter genre (the main character is called ‘Wang’, and yes, the first game included dick jokes, because subtlety didn’t exist in 1999).  

So if you are looking for a game with tons of gore, plenty of weapons, power-ups that let you impale demons on spikes like an Asian Vlad the Impaler, Shadow Warrior 2 is the game for you.

And yes, Remotr fully supports Shadow Warrior, if you were wondering :) 

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