What to play this Fall? Top Remotr's picks.

Autumn is an exciting time for gamers.

Now, when October is over it's a perfect time for a overview of this Fall's major PC releases. We are after some big AAA releases - but there is still much to be excited about.


September is usually considered a sport-games month - and this year was no different.

With release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, FIFA 2017 and NBA 2K17 you got all your sporty needs covered (and if you are more of an American football fan you got Madden 17 released earlier in August)

But our top pick for that month would be more on a motor-sport side - Forza Horizon 3 is a solid candidate for a GOTY ()


Man, October was a busy one for shooters fans - Gears of War 4, Shadow Warrior 2, Battlefield 1 - we got everything - Aliens, Demons and damp trenches of World War I.

If shooting at stuff is not your thing we recommend Civilisation VI - an excellent strategy game ()

And the title of game that turned out as a most pleasant surprise goes to Titanfall 2 - very entertaining single player campaign, freedom of movement, and cool mechs - too bad the developer picked such a poor timeframe for release…

The sales of Titanfall 2 are not that great and release was kinda overshadowed by Battlefield 1 and upcoming  Call of Duty.
Let’s hope that over-saturation of market won't kill this IP - because Titanfall 2 is a trully amazing game.


What does November has in store for PC gamers?

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is to be released on November 4 - so we’ll see how it compares to other FPS games released last month - we can expect some fierce discussion between fandoms of Battlefield 1 and new CoD.

Dishonored 2 is an another interesting title on our list (dated for November 11). We can expect some fast-paced, magic-powered steampunk action. And if you are not sold on the idea you should watch this montage of expert player blinking his way through the enemies like a freakin’ killing machine.

I’d like to close our list with a title I’m torn about - Watch Dogs 2 that will be playable from November 15.
The first game in series was… well… disappointing. The premise of playing as a hacker-vigilante in a huge city full of hackable devices looked amazing in trailers. I really hope that the second installment will be free of bugs and design mistakes that lead to poor reception of its predecessor.

That’s it for a recap of this Fall’s biggest PC games.

You can play all the games like Forza Horizon 3, Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and more on your phone and tablet using Remotr.

Stay tuned for our overwiev of upcoming games for Winter 2016/17. 
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