TOP 5 PC horror games you can play on your mobile.

With Halloween upon us in just a few days we present you our TOP 5 horror PC games you can play on your mobile with Remotr.

5) Five Nights at Freddy's

We start off our list with good ol’ FNAF.
There is no blood or gore here - the game relies on tension and jump scares . You don’t have any weapon, and you can’t run - so the sense of being trapped and defenseless in a small office quickly becomes real.

4) Alien: Isolation

In space no one can hear you scream - and you’ll be screaming a lot playing Alien: Isolation.
You’re on desolate space ship. With ever-present xenomorph - always nearby and always ready to crack your head open with its double-jaws.

3) Layers of Fear

Time for some psychological horror. Layers of Fear is a story of painter gone mad - and you are really feeling a like a man trapped inside his nightmare. Every time you turn your camera things change - the doors are moving, paintings melting and coming to life. It’s unsettling and scary as heck.


Our top 2 picks comes from the same studio - and for a good reason - SOMA is a story driven masterpiece made by Frictional Games.
The atmosphere, voice acting and story are so well put together that SOMA was my personal best game of 2015.

And if you have never had an existential crisis in your life before, trust me, you will after playing this.

1) Amnesia: The Dark Descent

You may see that one coming. We HAVE to close our list with Amnesia.
This game alone gave inspiration for almost every game we listed above.
You play as a character with very bad case of amnesia (hence the title) - trapped in a castle, with one morbid quest - to kill the castle owner. As things goes more and more twisted you’ll find it hard to stop playing this cult classic game

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