FREE Gaming Festival Day 3 - Tree of Savior.

Today we have a game of somewhat forgotten genre - a “classic” MMORPG called Tree of Savior.

It’s a spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online - a game I used to play a lot almost 10 years ago.

Ragnarok Online was one of those MMORPGs that were so popular in early 2000s.

Class system, music and general feel of this game still send chills of comfy nostalgia spikes down my spine. 

I remember hours spent at leveling my Hunter (AGI/CRIT Falcon Build) or my friend playing an obnoxious CRIT Assassin and killing some innocent Seals...

That said - when I learned about Tree of Savior being developed by Kim Hakkyu, creator of Ragnarok Online I decided that I had to include this game in Remotr's FREE Gaming Festival.

First thing I noticed after downloading and instaling the game was this beautiful artstyle with soft colors and art nouveau vibe to it.
Sure, the reviews of Tree of Savior are rather mixed - there were controversies of the devs not handling the game balance issues and the game is still a little buggy - on the other side the visuals and amount of unique classes (27 jobs to choose from) were prised by players.

Playing Tree of Savior on mobile (Android)

After instaling game from Steam it was auto detected by Remotr streamer just fine - one thing, though - before launching the game first time on your iPhone or Android make sure that its updated, since updates tends to be huge.

The game supports controllers - the combat is system is fairly simple so you’ll be fine with playing on touch screen - but there are some button combinations that may be a little hard to use on screen (you can change it in-game).

Here is a short video made by fan:

Stay tuned for more FREE games in Remotr Festival - as we are getting closer to it's (cloudy?) conclusion.

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