The Virtual Reality of First Person Shooters to come.

War. War never changes. Or does it?

With releases of new VR shooters we are about to witness the birth of a new kind of "military sim" experience - for better and worse.

One of such games - Onward - is avaible in Steam Early access since the end of August 2016.

This game was instantly "dubbed the most realistic military simulation available to civilians" - this short video will give you idea why:

You have to actually reload your gun if you want keep shooting - and it works almost the same as for real gun.

Sure, we do have games with similar features - like hilarious shooting range in Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (yes, that's the actual name) - but Onward is first game of it's kind - or should I call it THE GAME.

United we stand, divided we fall

With tactical multiplayer Onward offers something that previous VR games were lacking - the replayability.
Imagine playing this 4v4 with your mates! Voice comms and friendly fire in Onward will surely provide you with some top-notch actions (and epic fails).
Sniping down enemy across the map (and yes, assuming the proper sniping position increase your accuracy!) or taking down enemy with a well thrown grenade always tastes better when it's for a success of your team.

Right now 2 maps are available - one in open and one in closed space.
Game is still in Early Access - but they managed to reduce VR-motion sickness to minimum.
From what I saw the danger lies somewhere else - it's is very immersive - to the point of running into the walls:

I saw the future and it was...

Onward seems like a huge step in VR gaming - taking it from casual-oriented roots to be more appealing to hardcore gamers.
I can't help feeling that VR gaming will be huge someday - just imagine a game similar to Onward being played at huge eSport event.

For now Onward is HTC Vive exclusive - but we at Remotr are looking closely at evolution of VR technology. And who knows - maybe one day your phone will take you to virtual battlefields :)

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