Why are more and more people playing Mass Effect on mobile?

Mass Effect has been around for almost a decade, which is almost an eternity in computer game time. It is widely acclaimed as a ground-breaking game both in terms of how the choices you make affect the game you are playing (except Mass Effect 3. NO ONE liked the forced ending of Mass Effect 3), and in terms of how much alien sex you may or may not have before defeating the forces of evil.

The latest installment in the trilogy, Mass Effect 3 , was released 4 years ago, and Mass Effect Andromeda which was announced E3 this year, and may or may not feature Commander Shepard one last time, isn’t expected to be released until December 31st, 2016.

Now, it’s not that we don’t have tons of older games being played through Remotr. Warcraft III, for instance, still has hundreds of people playing it monthly on their mobile, and Warcraft III is a game that has been around for 14 years, but we do tend to notice when gameplay numbers suddenly go up. And that’s more or less what has happened to the Mass Effect player numbers in the app, as people play Mass Effect on their mobile devices.

And that’s how we found out that EA is ‘absolutely actively looking’ at remastering Mass Effect, according to Patrick Soderlund, EA Studio’s executive vice president.

Now, it’s not that we get all of our gaming news from looking at our analytics. There are a few ways to get gaming news in an easier way :) Still, it’s fun to see the correlation between the (admittedly pretty vague) announcement of a remastering of a game series that was seriously fun to play, and the number of people who also remember what an awesome game it was, go back and play it. And yes, this time around, on a mobile device.

Because with the option to do just that, using Remotr, why wouldn’t you?

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