Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s foray into the world of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is their attempt to take on giants like League of Legends and Dota 2. Unlike real time strategy games, MOBA games have you concentrating on a single hero at a time, with a unique set of abilities. The challenge in Heroes of the Storm Beta is to destroy the opposing side’s guard towers, buildings, and ultimately, their fortress. Heroes of the Storm is populated by characters made popular by the Blizzard games, including Jim Raynor from StarCraft, Azomodan from Diablo 3, and the Lick King from WarCraft.

Heroes of the Storm 1
Each map includes various powerups – mercenary camps that you can take over to add more soldiers to your never ending army, or powerful beings that you call into existence by gathering up the token McGuffins that are scattered around on the playing field.
Teamwork is a vital part of and MOBAs, as each unit can complement another’s weaknesses, and the Blizzard MOBA is no different. The minimap at the bottom of the screen showing the team heroes’ location is an essential of the team strategy, and knowing when (and how) to gang up on the opponents is the key to victory.
Heroes of the Storm 2

Playing Heroes of the Storm on Mobile

Heroes of the Storm, much like other MOBA games, is fully supported by Remotr. Heroes of the Storm is easy to handle on mobile touch screens and streaming on a mobile, whether a phone or a tablet is very smooth. Make sure that you set up a control for your left mouse and your right mouse, as well as controls for your special abilities (which are set up by default to be QWER).
Heroes of the Storm 3

Recommended presets

QWER – Tip: Change the icon for each button, to remind you what each one does.
Heroes of the Storm 4