League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that exists today. In League of Legends, you control a single character called a Champion, with unique abilities. You team up with other players, and battle it out against the opposing side, consisting of either other human players, or computer-controlled champions. League of Legends is essentially played as a deathmatch (destroy the opposing players’ fortress) or a capture the flag mod (control a number of points for a set amount of time).
League of Legends 1
When you start off playing a match, the opposing fortresses are separated by three lanes, each with their own set of defenses. Each side has gates and towers which need to be destroyed before you can move on to the next point – of course, you don’t have to take out all defenses, if you’ve cleared one pathway into the fortress itself.
League of Legends 2
Each side has a never-ending spawn of minions that attack together with the player’s character and soak up some of the damage. These minions can’t be controlled, as they march down the path towards the enemy – they simply attack everything that they come across.
Teamwork is essential in this game, and is often the difference between victory and defeat.
League of Legends 3

Playing League of Legends on Mobile

League of Legends is fully supported by Remotr. Like other MOBA games League of Legends is easy to handle on mobile touch screens and streams smoothly to Android devices. Make sure that you set up a control for your left mouse and your right mouse, as well as controls for your special abilities (which are set up by default to be QWER).
League of Legends 4

Recommended presets

QWER – Tip: Change the icon for each button, to remind you what each one does.